Philine van den Hul

Illnoledge share clairvoyant cosmic jam “Fearless”

From the great Sun Ra to the late Ras G, the history of artists exploring the outer ends of the cosmos is about as vast and potent as the cosmos itself. Illnoledge – the twin brothers Steve Hartley and Mill Voyance – are eager to carve out their own sonic vernacular within this conversation. Their self-coined Akan Fu dovetails elements of Afrobeat, hiphop, dub, and jazz into a vaporous, laid back sound. The name Illnoledge is actually an acronym for “Intuitive, Limitless, Liberal-minded, New-fangled, Original, Luminous, Empowering, Dedicated, Genuine Elevators” .

“Fearless” combines a compact beat-driven arrangement with warm, freewheeling instrumentation, unfurling into a psychedelic, spiritual swirl. And while there are some frightening chant-like soundscapes scattered around, they do nothing to deter the music’s snaking cadence. This song is dedicated to our ancestors,” the duo comment on the track. “We traveled to our father’s homeland and found out more about our ancestral history. We found out about their faith and traditions and how they fought for their freedom in times of slavery. This inspired us to write and compose this song.”

Illnoledge also did an impressive live session in 2020, which you can watch here. Listen to “Fearless” below and on Spotify.

“Fearless” is out now via Mink Records. Follow Illnoledge on Facebook and Instagram.