Photo: Dana Lentz

Husband-wife duo Sungaze reveal new album plans with the tempestuous beauty “Storm Chaser”

Cincinnati based husband and wife Ian Hilvert and Ivory Snow aka Sungaze have revealed plans for their new album: it’s called This Dream, was mixed by Cory Hanson, and comes out on August 13. They’ve also shared a new song and video called “Storm Chaser”.

As is to be expected from a band called Sungaze playing a song called “Storm Chaser”, it’s a grandiose and elemental affair, with plenty of windswept guitars and overwhelming waves of beautiful sound. Standing at the eye of this storm is Ivory, whose voice remains steady and placid, riding the undulating riffs with grace, as she surfs through dreams and memories. Her voice melds and intertwines with the guitars to create a powerful sound, an awe-inspiring aural evocation of America’s vast and wild natural expanses – and those endless mental vistas too.

The video for “Storm Chaser” also taps into this, as it finds the duo living and playing amidst verdant scenery. Watch it below or find “Storm Chaser” on streaming platforms.

Sungaze’s new album This Dream comes out on August 13 (pre-order from Bandcamp). You can find them on Facebook and Instagram.