Photo: Asal Shahindoust

Cory Hanson courts the reaper on golden psych ballad “Pale Horse Rider”

Cory Hanson, singer of the band Wand, is releasing a new solo album called Pale Horse Rider very soon – although it has now been pushed back to April 16. Fear not, though, as today he delivers the album’s title track, which builds beautifully from the previous trip, “Angeles”.

Again it finds him delving into the past of his home state of California, but this time to borrow some classic Laurel Canyon sounds to give “Pale Horse Rider” a golden glow. It’s a crafty trick, as the song’s warmth might make you miss the fact that the “Pale Horse Rider” who he’s beckoning in is none other than death himself. Yet, he’s calm – elated, even – about the rider’s approach, as is made even more clear by the gorgeous violin that wreathes itself around his jubilant singing. Hanson keeps “Pale Horse Rider” growing with glee, adding more instrumentation and a wave of backing vocals to further emphasise his excitement, and by the end we’re all in sway, anticipating his blissful arrival.

The video for “Pale Horse Rider” finds Hanson in even greater stages of happiness, dancing and cavorting around the California coast in a mustard yellow suit. Take a look below or listen to the song on streaming platforms.

Cory Hanson’s new album Pale Horse Rider comes out through Drag City on April 16. You can find him on Bandcamp, Twitter and Instagram.