Danish artist Hjalte Ross is releasing his new record Waves of Haste on November 20 – an album that was conceived primarily when he decamped to the lonely lighthouse on Norway’s Lofoten Islands. The natural elements impacted his mind and his songs, and can plainly be heard in the new track “Thinking About You” that we have for you today.

A track that possesses Ross’ most energetic sound yet, “Thinking About You” is loneliness turned into fraught-yet-beautiful rock music. Transmitting from the centre of the isolated structure, he admits he’s been “Dazed for thirty days now” and “I am languishing in this.” The music, on the other hand, tells another story – one of a mind running at a mile a minute, rendered with blasts of trumpet, trombone and sax atop the undercurrent of chugging guitars. Ross sends out his emotional feelers to the one he’s dreaming of – “I have been thinking a lot about you / I do not know what else to do here” – and bolstered by the luminous harmony of Astrid Matthesen, it might just reach across the oceans to whoever it is.

By the end of “Thinking About You” his mind devolves into self-lacerating glee: “Now I have been thinking a lot about it / I do not know what else you see in me? Ahahah / In me? Ahahah.” Let’s hope that when he made it back to the mainland, the object of his affection was there waiting to embrace his lost mind.

Hjalte Ross’ new album Waves of Haste arrives on November 20 (pre-order). You can find him on Instagram and Facebook.