Hercules & Love Affair reunites with ANOHNI for the crashing, addictively venomous “Poisonous Storytelling”

To declare this has been a long time coming simply doesn’t say it. It may well never have happened. After being a not insignificant part of Andy Butler’s rise as Hercules & Love Affair, ANOHNI essentially exited stage right. Butler’s addiction and accompanying issues and mistakes drove a wedge between the former friends and collaborators for years, but a glimmer of hope for a reunion appeared within the redemptive, healing work that was 2017’s Omnion.

Now, in 2022, for Butler’s approaching In Amber, we finally get to see that bond repaired, 15 years since their initial run. ANOHNI appears on the latest single for the album, “Poisonous Storytelling”. It sees ANOHNI, true to form, taking on the state of the world, particularly the seemingly endless stream of misinformation, fear, hate, and sheer nonsense that’s spread throughout the globe by social media and other means.

Speaking on the track, Butler shares, “‘Poisonous Storytelling’ started as a song called ‘Sacral’ – The music evoked sacred rites, but the word ‘Sacral’ also speaks to one of the sources of our rootedness and stability. ANOHNI’s lyrics outline a constellation of systemic brokenness within global society. Addressing cultural narrators, newscasters, film makers and prophets.

For her part, ANOHNI states, “We must be careful with new narratives, because everyone is rotted out from poisonous storytelling”.

Check it out below or on streaming platforms.

Hercules & Love Affair’s In Amber comes out on June 17 through BMG (pre-order/save). You can find the act on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.