Hatchie puts a sultry spin on Jennifer Paige’s classic 90s bop “Crush”

Hatchie may have only just signed to Secretly Canadian, with last month’s “This Enchanting” being her first release for the label, but she’s already been invited to contribute to SC25 – a celebration of the imprint’s 25th anniversary. Along with several other contributions, proceeds from will go to Bloomington-based non-profit organisation New Hope For Families.

For her contribution, Hatchie has decided to cover Jennifer Paige’s classic “Crush”, saying:

“I’d been thinking of covering ‘Crush’ for a few years before this opportunity arose. I always thought the lyrics were much more moody than the bright chorus they were paired with, so I wanted to shift the focus. I was super keen to be involved with SC25 when asked. It’s cool to be amongst some great artists doing the same.”

Furnishing the track with a trip-hoppy low-end, the mood of Hatchie’s “Crush” is certainly much more dour and sultry than the original. It makes the indelible hook – preserved in its same earworm melody – feel a lot more spiteful and sassy. Overall, it’s a brilliant way to both pay tribute to a classic and breathe new life into it.

Take a listen to Hatchie’s “Crush” below or find it on streaming platforms.

Find out more about SC25 and its Every Light On This Side Of The Town project here.

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