Grace Cummings returns with “Heaven”, announces new album

Melbourne singer Grace Cummings is back, and with the announcement of a new album entitled Storm Queen (that’s the album art above), she also has a new song to share.

“Heaven” has her distinct and impressionable voice on full show, sounding like she’s reckoning with the apocalypse in front of her own eyes. Her affirmations of the phrase “Ave Maria” turn what is normally a somewhat liturgical phrase into a icy bite on the neck, again sung like it’s to ward off the thundering clouds at the end of the world.

“Heaven” comes with a blunt and maniacal video too. Directed by Gil Gilmour, the video offers nothing more than Cummings in front of the camera, staring it down as she recites the lyrics with a devastatingly unnerving glare. Dressed in black with slicked back hair against a white backdrop, her presence is imposing and direct, impossible to ignore. Miming the accompanying percussive instruments like a scorned flamenco dancer, she says a thousand words beyond her own lyrics with a suggestive raised eyebrow, a pointed upwards chin, or a deeply lascivious.

Check out the video below.

Grace Cummings’ new album, Storm Queen, is out 14th January 2022 on ATO Records and Virgin Music Australia (pre-order). You can find her on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.