Photo: Al Kalyk

Girl Friday let it all out on the resounding anthem “Earthquake”

Next week Girl Friday will release their debut album Androgynous Mary, and if the previous singles haven’t already got you hyped up then the final teaser “Earthquake” is sure to do the trick. They say:

“’Earthquake’ is a moment of complete catharsis. From four people who have been repeatedly told to be careful not to hurt themselves, not to disturb the peace, not to get too angry, we deliver this message from our hearts to yours: break anything that’s holding you back. Break free from the chains of patriarchy. Break free from ALL chains and scream.”

Employing a tickling bass line and serrated fuzz guitars, Girl Friday set out on a mission from the off with “Earthquake” and you’re a co-conspirator in this punk pursuit. The song never lets up in its momentum, and when it reaches the simple but deadly effective hook “I just wanna feel like an earthquake / everything is boring for fuck’s sake” you’ll be transported right back to your sneering youth when everything was shit but acting out and music provided a essential outlets.

Listen to “Earthquake” on streaming platforms or via the embed below.

Girl Friday’s debut album Androgynous Mary comes out through Hardly Art next Friday, August 21. You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Bandcamp.