Freddie Gibbs and Jadakiss weave through the muted grandeur of “Black Illumanti”

It feels like the hype build up leading to Freddie Gibbs‘ highly anticipated album, SSS, never ends. He’s boasted about it, with confidence that’s no doubt earned, declaring it the Album of the Year (“any year”) and shared an exciting list of producers, ranging from Madlib to Tay Keith, The Alchemist to DJ Paul.

Now, at the very least, it seems we’ve received the first proper taste of the album via the menacing, flawless “Black Illumanti”. Alongside is regular Gibbs collaborator Jadakiss, and you already know, with two MCs that on it going head to head, you’re in for a ride.

The beat is subtle and omnipresent at once, all clicks and eerie soundscapes, complete with occasional airy, gorgeously sampled backing vocals.

Check out its lavish video below, and stay tuned to Beats Per Minute for more regarding SSS the moment it becomes available.