Flee Lord & Roc Marciano announce collaborative album, featuring Conway the Machine, Stove God Cook$, and more

Flee Lord has truly been on a tear. No, seriously: if you haven’t been paying mind, he released a project – each and every one of them solid to strong – for every month in 2020, culminating in an important link up with Havoc in the form of In the Name of Prodigy.

Now he’s set to link up with another stellar producer (not to mention MC): Roc Marciano. Following some relatively subtle teasing on their socials, today, the pair have officially announced their collaborative project: Delgado.

Marciano himself has been flexing his skills as a producer and curator of late, having helmed Stove God Cook$’ Reasonable Drought, which ranked among the very finest of 2020’s hip hop releases.

With Delgado, both men are set to prove themselves even further. They’ve brought along Conway the Machine, Stove God, and Ransom for the ride. As a first taste, they’ve shared “Trim the Fat”, which finds Flee rhyming alongside Stove God.

Speaking on Flee Lord’s selection of the track, Roc Marciano muses, “I was impressed when Flee selected that beat for “Trim The Fat,” because the sound, in my opinion, was out of left field. I wanted to experiment with my sound on this project, and Flee showed no fear; he just jumped right in; then adding Stove God was brilliant because neither artist has anything like “Trim The Fat” in their catalogs.

Flee is equally excited about the track, and knew right away it was the right offering to lead off the project: “… with “Trim The Fat,” as soon as I heard the beat, before I even recorded my vocals, I knew I needed Stove God to touch this. I ran it by Roc and he felt the same way. Knowing how crazy Stove God was going to go on this motivated me to and I went to work. After Roc and I heard Stove’s verse, there was no doubt that we had to kick things off with “Trim The Fat.”

So, then, here their careful selection is. Check out “Trim the Fat” below, and the tracklist beneath that.


  1. Delgado Intro
  2. Slow Down
  3. Shouts To The Mobb / Medusa Feat Conway The Machine
  4. This What Ya Want?
  5. Breath of Air Feat Ransom
  6. Trim The Fat Feat Stove God Cooks
  7. Skipping Town
  8. Breezin In A Porsche Feat Roc Marciano
  9. First Kill
  10. Delgado Outro

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