Meyhem Lauren & Daringer link up for head-nodding “Red Pesto” featuring Conway the Machine, prepare project

Perhaps best known as an Action Bronson collaborator, Meyhem Lauren has been underrated for too long. He’s linked up for full projects with the likes of Buckwild and DJ Muggs, so his moment is long past due.

For his latest move, he’s crafted a project with regular Griselda producer Daringer, Black Vladimir. Despite its seeming sudden arrival, it’s an album that’s been a long time coming, as Lauren explains, “I went to Buffalo to kick it with Griselda. It was a Halloween show and Westside Gunn brought out me and Prodigy as special guests. Afterward, I was in Buffalo for a few days with Daringer, Conway and Westside Gunn making some music. Wes saw the chemistry I had with Daringer and suggested we should do an album together. The first three songs we made in Daringer’s house. All of Griselda was there and it bore witness to the process, which is why you hear them doing ad-libs on songs their not even on. It was natural, fun, easy and it just flowed. Griselda is now a household brand; my cooking shows and other work were flourishing and growing. We had a little lull in between, but really picked things back up during the pandemic and now we’re finally here.

For the first taste of the album, the pair have shared “Red Pesto”, featuring none other than Conway the Machine. Both rappers do their thing, and Daringer provides a sliding soundscape, complete with addictive drums.

Check “Red Pesto” out below, and look out for Black Vladimir come August 26th.