Dutch producer Bas Bron aka Fatima Yamaha shot to belatedly to worldwide recognition when his track “What’s A Girl To Do” became a go-to floor filler for every DJ on the circuit in the mid-2010s. He hasn’t rushed to capitalise on that exposure though, instead taking his time to create a new album called Spontaneous Order that was inspired by the titular term (“Spontaneous order is the spontaneous emergence of order out of seeming chaos,” per Wikipedia). It’s coming out on November 13 through Magnetron Music, and today he shares the lead single “Day We Met”.

As suggested by the auspicious title, “Day We Met” is a pure ray of sunshine, combining an accessible beat with Fatima Yamaha’s proclivity for luminous synth melodies. His vocoded vocals enter the mix, adding a throwback vibe that would be pure cheese if it weren’t so tastefully and infectiously done. Without needing many more elements than those, “Day We Met” subtly builds into a retro-pop beast, setting a tone that would’ve been perfect for summer – but has enough warmth to it to see you through the cold months.

Fatima Yamaha’s new album Spontaneous Order is coming out on November 13 through Magnetron Music. You can follow him on Facebook.