Falle Nioke and Ghost Culture link up for the ultra cool “Leywole” and announce EP

Margate-based West African transplant Falle Nioke is having a very productive year. Having already released Marasi, a collaborative EP with sir Was, today he announces Badiare, a new EP with Ghost Culture (whom he worked with on last year’s Youkounkoun). It arrives on November 5 through PRAH Recordings, and today they share the lead single “Leywole”, which means “whatever” in Coniagui (just one of the many languages spoken by Nioke). He explains:

“I was inspired just by watching men and women in the street, in particular an interaction between a strong woman rejecting the approach from a bold man. ‘How can this man have the audacity to talk to me?!” she says and asks him questions like ‘and you are the son of who?!'”

Even without understanding what he’s singing, there is an undeniable coolness and confidence that comes oozing out of “Laywole”. It begins with the production, a delectable combination of trickling synths and tactile African malimba. The duo flesh it out with plenty of other rich and evocative tones, providing a perfect platform for Nioke’s vocal, which swerves his gorgeous singing voice in favour of a chirpy and characterful near-rap style, which brings to mind the natural easygoing conversation that he would witness in the streets and in the anecdote mentioned above. In combination, “Leywole” is enough to transpirt you to those sun-beaten streets of an unknown African town, ready to explore the riches it beholds.

Listen to “Leywole” below or on streaming platforms.

Falle Nioke and Ghost Culture’s Badiare EP arrives on November 5 through PRAH Recordings. You can find Nioke on Bandcamp, Facebook and Instagram, while Ghost Culture is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.