Virginia-based artist (and former NFL player – yes, really) EXUM emerged in January with the devastating debut single “Dark Kept Secret”, and he’s back this week with a new song called “Bad Chick Bad Dude”. He’s also announced his debut album, Xardinal Coffee, which will come out on June 4. He worked with long-time producer Dex Barstad as well as Norwegian producer Erik Samkopf, creating a divergent and surprising sonic palette for the record. About the album, EXUM (real name Antone Exum) says:

“Sam and I don’t really like doing anything that doesn’t have the ückean effect. We’re not from here you know… Dex and Sam never cease to amaze me, both hold the beautiful spirit of musicality, and a deep love for music.”

Evidence of his musical dexterity is already extremely evident from the two singles released so far; while “Dark Kept Secret” was a blissful indie pop song (on the surface), “Bad Chick Bad Dude” is straight up future hip-hop. Possessing the ability to switch from loquacious flow to a snarl that brings to mind Busta Rhymes, EXUM is a fearsome presence when he’s spitting. Combined with the blocky and luminous beats, his tale of Bonny and Clyde-esque misadventure hits like caffeine injected straight into the main vein. Beguiling and brilliant, “Bad Chick Bad Dude” is so addictive that we can’t wait to hear Xardinal Coffee.

Make sure to check out the video for “Bad Chick Bad Dude”, which expands the weird world of EXUM even more.

EXUM’s debut album Xardinal Coffee is out on June 4. You can find him on Instagram and Twitter.