Photo: Gav Ovoca

Dublin band MELTS translate the world’s mania into blustering art rock on “Maelstrom”

MELTS are a quintet who have been swirling around the Dublin scene for a few years, but today stake a claim for wider recognition as they share “Maelstrom”, which was produced by Girl Band’s Daniel Fox. On the song, MELTS frontman Eoin Kenny says: 

“Maelstrom is about a storm that sweeps through a town or a world one day and causes an irreversible change to the order of things. The song is also written from the point of view of someone caught in currents, beyond their own making and understanding and the frustrations felt by someone who feels powerless against the effects of the upheaval.”

MELTS have certainly captured that feeling of being in the midst of a storm in “Maelstrom”, as their combined instrumental work adds up to a sidewinder of sonic delights. Thrown in the mix are a healthy dose of electronics bringing some light to the affair, but it’s the combined wash of guitars and plundering drums that really put the oomph in the bluster. Kenny sings like a man standing in the eye of the tornado, somehow keeping two feet on the ground while everything around him gets torn from its foundations – which only makes him feel even more powerless. Surely all individuals felt like the world is one giant mass that we can’t get a grip on – MELTS have turned that feeling into sound, and it’s cathartic as heck.

There’s a video for “Maelstrom” by Andy Parkes that you can watch below, otherwise listen to the song on streaming platforms.

You can find MELTS on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also catch them at these UK and Ireland dates:

December 7th – Prince Albert, Brighton
December 8th – Shacklewell Arms, London
December 9th – Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds
December 10th – YES, Manchester
December 11th – Head of Steam, Newcastle
December 12th – The Hug & Pint, Glasgow
December 16th – The Button Factory, Dublin