Photo: Daniel Martin

Paddy Hanna announces new album with battling doo-wop single “Colosseum”

Dublin-based singer songwriter Paddy Hanna has announced the details of his third album; it’s called The Hill, was produced with Dan Fox of Girl Band and is coming out on October 16. He’s giving us a first glimpse of the album in the form of “Colosseum”, about which he explains:

ā€œColosseum is a Doo Wop song about Gladiators, or more specifically a song that deals with feeling out of step in a world not made for you. You’re welcome to read into the allegories, but Iā€™d be just as happy if you took the words literally and treated it as the rock n roll anthem for Gladiators, your call!ā€

The rhythm section of Dan Fox and Adam Faulkner – borrowed from Girl Band – ensure “Colosseum” remains bobbing and jolly, and while Hanna’s vocals are downcast, there’s a lightness of touch as his words dance across this tune. His images are poetic and charming, despite the gloom in his weary voice, and with the doo-wop backing it’s an undoubtedly beguiling combination. “Colosseum” seems like a song that’s at battle with itself, equal parts elated and defeated, resulting in a whole that begs for further investigation.

Paddy Hanna’s new album The Hill comes out on October 16 through Strange Brew. You can find him on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.