Photo: Ben Rayner

Dry Cleaning ease into a minimal groove on the delectable “Anna Calls From The Arctic”

Following on from “Don’t Press Me”, Dry Cleaning are continuing to build to their forthcoming album Stumpwork with a new single called “Anna Calls From The Arctic”. Somewhat surprisingly, it is genuinely inspired by calls with a friend in the Arctic, as they explain:

“The lyrics were partly inspired by phone calls with a friend who was living and working in the Arctic. The song developed from a keyboard, bass and clarinet jam. This then took shape during our pre-recording sessions with John Parish and Joe Jones in Bristol and finalized at Rockfield studios a month later, with some musical inspiration coming from the dramatic scores of John Barry. The song is observational and sensual.”

Where “Don’t Press Me” was a fairly raucous track, “Anna Calls From The Arctic” is as smooth as we’ve ever heard Dry Cleaning; atmospheric guitar tangling with oozing clarinet over a simple but delicious rhythm section. Florence Shaw is on top form, observing “an Emporio Armani builder” while her friend in the Arctic complains about “scientists / or people who are mining / Or dog sledge people” – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Its a cosy track that does genuinely feel like listening in on a conversation between close friends that can spiral off in all sorts of observational directions.

Check out “Anna Calls From The Arctic” below or on streaming platforms.

Dry Cleaning’s new album Stumpwork will be out on October 21 through 4AD (pre-order/save). You can find them on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.