Photo: Adrian Vitelleschi Cook

Do Nothing announce new EP with the self-accepting blast “Uber Alles”

Nottingham’s Do Nothing shared a new single called “Glueland” back in November, their first work since the excellent debut EP Zero Dollar Bill. Today they’ve revealed plans for a new five-track offering, which is also called Glueland. Vocalist Chris Bailey says:

“Glueland is about the inevitable feeling of being thrown onto a big pile of your own rubbish and paddling around in it like some kind of dusty walrus. We worked to make the songs and artwork all feel like they came from the same universe. It came from recording situations that we felt very comfortable in, and the tedious absence of live shows meant that we could stagger in some new directions without having to make sure that it all worked onstage.”

The new single from the EP is called “Uber Alles” and certainly shows Do Nothing moving into a new realm by loosening their post-punk sound with some more spacey arrangement. Bailey has revealed that “it’s largely about being at ease with yourself, which is often tough to do,” and this more spacious and buoyant approach certainly supports that theme. With a bassline that is genuinely perky and a chugging guitar-and-drum interplay that feels like the band revving up to dance, “Uber Alles” gives Bailey a new sound to work his lyrical magic across, and he complements it with less of a smart aleck take and more of a humble self-examination. That said, there’s still some paranoia that pervades, especially as Do Nothing rove into “Uber Alles”‘ gnashing final moments.

Listen to “Uber Alles” on streaming platforms or watch the clip below.

Do Nothing’s Glueland EP comes out through their own Exact Truth imprint on March 12. Follow the band on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.