Photo: Adrian Vitelleschi Cook

Do Nothing share an urgent transmission from life’s grey areas on “Glueland”

Nottingham smart alec post-punks Do Nothing released one of the best EPs of the year with Zero Dollar Bill, and have today returned with a brand new song called “Glueland”, released via their own imprint Exact Truth. Speaking about the track, singer Chris Bailey said:

“The song refers to the feeling of being stuck in some kind of weird limbo-land. It’s about how rather than being dictated by wild or dramatic decisions, a lot of things (both good and bad) are controlled by this sort of lame jockeying that happens right in the grey dull middle ground of everything. That being said, it’s a fun song and we hope you like it.”

If anyone’s going to make confusion and general malaise sound exciting, it’s Do Nothing, who continue to trade in sardonic ideas and razor-sharp guitar-and-synth interplay on “Glueland”. It’s hard to find a through-line in all of the things that Bailey delivers, but that’s the point – it’s all a clusterfuck of information, we grab on to what we can understand (or what gets drilled into us). Do Nothing bring this overwhelming feeling to bear by supplying a strutting and bolshy sound, and the wiggling melodies and angular arrangements of “Glueland” keep building in volume and intensity as Bailey’s paranoia increases, until it reaches a beautifully cacophonous finale.

Listen to “Glueland” below or on your preferred streaming service.

Do Nothing’s “Glueland” arrives via their own Exact Truth label. Find them on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.