Photo: Boy Wonder

Dizzy outruns the demon on “Birthmark”

Dizzy’s Katie Munshaw is the most enigmatic frontperson in all of pop. She’s the one who dons the V for Vendetta / Phantom of the Opera mask for the band’s recent videos and press shots.

But Katie had to step carefully in the video of Dizzy’s melodically brilliant new single “Birthmark”. She says: “We shot the video in a farm field in western Ontario, so a lot of cow shit was stepped on to get these beautiful shots which I think is hilarious and fitting.”

In the video, Munshaw flees a villain chasing her with Usain Bolt speed, but the song nonetheless has a very serious core. “The song is from the point of view of someone I love who went through their first heartbreak last year. I remember we were laying in bed one night and they said they didn’t feel so bad until it was time to go to sleep. I thought that was so sad,” Munshaw says.

Dizzy videos are a welcome respite from the countless artists who flaunt their faces on TikTok. “I find it strange how musicians are often introverted people, yet one of the largest parts of our job is visually selling ourselves to an audience,” Munshaw says. “It feels unnatural to pine for strangers’ attention to afford rent or whatever, and as someone who’s particularly sensitive, it isn’t sustainable.”

Nothing can mask the fact that Dizzy continues to dazzle us with stunning melodies and sensitive lyrics.

Listen to “Birthmark” below or find it on the streaming services.

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