Photo: Mike Chalmers

Delmer Darion tap Anna B Savage for the sci-fi grind of “White Dawn Fog”, announce new album

Experimental production duo Delmer Darion have announced a new album called Tall Vision-of-the-Voyage, which will be out on September 15 through Practise Music. They’ve also shared the first single from the project, “White Dawn Fog”, which features the unmistakable voice of Anna B Savage. Delmer Darion say:

“White Dawn Fog is about the best and worst of the scientific romance spirit: it’s about flying to the moon and about the ballistic missiles that first crossed the Kármán line, which were a vital step towards the development of spacecraft. The track retells an early section of H. G. Wells’ The First Men in the Moon (1901), where two men travel to the moon, find a desolate landscape, and then watch it come to life with strange plants. It transforms towards the end to depict two scenes at once: the beautiful lunar morning in Wells’ book and the V-2 missile strike on the Cine Rex in Antwerp, which was the deadliest single missile strike in the Second World War.”

That is undoubtedly an ambitious amount of material to pack into a song, but Delmer Darion’s minds and methods are sync’d in such a way that they can create worlds with their abilities. “White Dawn Fog” is a grinding, cavernous production that is ever-shifting, shafts of light appearing and disappearing amidst the beautiful gloom. Central to all of this is Savage, whose imperious voice is radiant against the black background, carrying an unmistakable human spirit through this shapeshifting realm. With the pieces in place, “White Dawn Fog” carries us into the mystery of scientific experiment – and all the unknowable, breathtaking and terrifying new worlds that may follow thereafter.

Watch the video for “White Dawn Fog” below or find it on streamers.

Delmer Darion’s new album Tall Visions-of-the-Voyage arrives on September 15 through Practise Music (pre-order/save).

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They have these in-store live dates around the album release:

13/9 Drift Records, Totnes
14/9 Pie & Vinyl, Portsmouth
15/9 Resident, Brighton
16/9 Seismic, Leamington Spa