Mike Bridavsky

Deerhoof blast bubblelicious ode to LIL BUB “My Lovely Cat”

Deerhoof are a fixed point in time. I mean, they have to be right? Amidst this raging vortex of artists changing and progressing, Deerhoof seem peachy doing uniquely Deerhoof things. Catapulted by the Pavlovian drum wizardry of the eternally youthful Greg Saunier, they once again summon that seemingly impossible sweet spot between pop and noise on “My Lovely Cat”, their ode to the late feline phenom LIL BUB.

This musical ode wasn’t just about long distance appreciation. Nope, Deerhoof actually tracked down LIL BUB’s “dude” Mike Bridavsky to produce and master the song at Russian Recording. “If you were going to compose a song in about a cute cat from the internet, and then track down the guy known for their cute cat from the internet to produce it, you would be shrewd indeed. This we did not do, because we didn’t know about Mike Bridavsky or Lil Bub when we wrote the song. Well, we think about him now: a true collaborator and artist and friend!”

Singer/bassist Satomi Matsuzaki also designed the art work for the single, which you can watch/hear below and on other streaming outlets.

“My Lovely Cat” is the first new Deerhoof material since last year’s Actually, You Can, which came out last year via Joyful Noise Recordings. You can order that one here. Keep tabs on Deerhoof via BandcampFacebookTwitter, and Instagram.