Photo: Kristina Pedersen

Cedric Noel duets with Common Holly on the yearning “Dove”

Cedric Noel has released a new song called “Dove” that finds him duetting with Brigitte Nagar (aka Common Holly). It follows his recent gem “Allies” and comes ahead of his new album Hang Time.

On the new song, Noel says: “‘Dove’ touches on the wanting of emotional intimacy and how hard it can sometimes be to get there, be that within friendships, family or romantically. I think the narrator is singing the lyrics somewhat sarcastically while trying to understand their own emotional shortcomings with the people close to them.”

A song as spindly and delicate as the emotions being expressed, “Dove” takes us right into the two singers’ hearts as they intertwine to admit “I’ve tried to care about trivial things like love”. More guitar and piano starts to flutter into the track as the two voices just sing on wordlessly, not needing to express themselves any further. It’s simply a beautiful song that enshrines that feeling of desiring intimacy as one to be held up as pure and true.

Listen to “Dove” below or on your preferred streaming platform.

Cedric Noel’s new album Hang Time comes out on November 12 through Joyful Noise and Forward Music Group (pre-order/save). You can find him on Bandcamp, Facebook and Instagram.