Danish singer-songwriter Kleo lets it all bleed out with “Miss You”

To be sure, there’s no shortage of heartbreak songs. Yet, isn’t there reason for that? Enough of us limp about, damaged, weaker without our prior partner, and it’s songs like Danish singer-songwriter Kleo‘s “Miss You” that offer some sort of salve or, at least, make us feel less alone in grief.

Propelled by an insistent beat that seems to mimic that very feeling of longing that simply won’t go away, Kleo’s powerful vocals roost over it all, seeing her lost love in every face in the crowd, imagining movie scenes are about them, the works. Yet, above it all, she’s seeking hope, looking forward towards whatever future awaits her. It’s an alt-pop song for the pain and for healing from the same. Considering it’s the songwriter’s debut track, it shows more than promise.

Check out the video for “Miss You” below, and stay tuned for more from Kleo soon.