Soho Rezanejad is coming off the back of the release of her two-part Honesty Without Compassion is Brutality album, and is gearing up to put out another record before 2020 is done. The new album is called Perform and Surrender and will come out on December 4 through Rezanejad’s own Silicone Records.

As suggested by the title, Perform and Surrender was born from a series of performances around Europe and North America in 2018-2019, with Rezanejad revealing: “On the day of performance, I wrote small scores, bits of stage direction, or half-lit phantoms to activate the set. The performances became special to each space, each contributing a fragment to the record’s wholeI lost someone very dear to me at the time. All things, especially in the practice of surrendering, resembled a testimony of life and death. The language of nature, especially in its falls and springs, played a substantial role in the album’s title and direction.”

All of this sets up for a should be a very intriguing album, and we get our first taste with opening track “Perform”. But, it is just a taste, at barely more than a minute it grasps you in its stark and imposing atmosphere, but just when it seems about to crush you, “Perform” suddenly stops. It’s a tantalising glimpse, leaving us on a cliffhanger, baying for more.

Soho Rezanejad’s new album Perform and Surrender comes out on December 4 through Silicone Records. You can find her on Facebook.