Photo: Acacia Evans

daena reaches the power pop pinnacle with “Alter Ego”

We now officially have the Power-Pop Song of the Summer: daena’s “Alter Ego”. 

It’s like listening to 80s icons The Bangles and The Go-Go’s with even better lyrics.

The Nashville artist recalls that “I got the idea for the song after I dyed my hair blue for the first time. It’s something I’d always wanted to do, but never had the guts to because I thought I wasn’t “cool enough” to pull it off. I came to my friend and co-writer Paige Keiner with the title and this idea of becoming / embracing the “coolest” version of yourself (spoiler alert: you already are that person). I often found myself struggling with imposter syndrome, feeling like a fraud even with every career or life milestone I checked off. I think it’s something that most people experience at some point in their lives, and I know a lot of people my age are going through it now. What I realized after I finally did dye my hair blue (among other things) is that as soon as I allowed myself to be that confident person I always wished I wasAKA my alter egoI didn’t need it anymore!

On previous singles, daena has displayed a genre-hopping ability to deliver elegant R&B (“Close Isn’t Enough”) and Liz Phair-esque rock tracks (“Heart Heat”).

By proclaiming “I don’t need an alter ego,” this song will probably never get featured in a Marvel movie because Tony Stark and Peter Parker still rely on their superhero personas. But “Alter Ego” is so catchy and confident that it deserves to be in a blockbuster movie this summer.

Listen to “Alter Ego” below, or find it on your favorite streaming platform.

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