Photo: Ash Scott

Crake embrace their vulnerability on the beautifully mulchy “Winter’s Song”, announce debut album

Beloved Leeds quartet Crake have announced they’ll release their debut album Humans’ Worst Habits on April 8 through Fika Recordings. Astounding recent single “Lamb’s Tail” features on it, as well as today’s new offering “Winter’s Song”. On the new track, songwriter Rowan Sandle says:

“Winter’s Song’ is about the absolute mundane beauty of being fallible. It’s a true story, I saw the moon rise but swore it was the sun setting. I think about this line a lot: “keep a little coldness in you, just wear it soft and gentle” Be soft, be kind, be honest. Being unremarkable has its own beauty.” 

A song that trudges like walking through piles of sodden leaves and rings with the quiet beauty of being amidst an unknown wilderness, “Winter’s Song” is Crake at their absolute finest, tapping into a lesser heralded part of our natures. “We’ve all got feathers soft and gentle / Just don’t wear them like we’re meant to,” Sandle pontificates. It’s an idea that seems to be her yearning for us to connect with our natural beings and put our true plumage on display – no matter how vulnerable it makes us look. Animals in the wilderness don’t have the self-awareness to hide their true selves, and Crake seem to be encouraging us to show similar honesty in the way we make our humble ways through our lives – “Keep a little coldness in you / Just wear it soft and gentle / That’s when the dark no longer bites.”

Listen to “Winter’s Song” below or on streaming platforms.

Crake’s debut album Humans’ Worst Habits is out on April 8 through Fika Recordings (pre-order on Bandcamp). You can find Crake on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.