Photo: Shaun Page

Leeds quartet Crake deliver dreamy indie folk jam “Enough Salt (For All Dogs)”

Crake are a band based in Leeds who have been steadily putting out singles and EPs for a number of years, and playing gigs around the UK. One of these was supporting Big Thief’s Buck Meek, who was impressed and subsequently invited them to support the band on their next UK tour. This brought them to the attention of the label Saddle Creek, through whom they are now releasing their new single “Enough Salt (For All Dogs)” as well as a zine as part of the label’s ongoing Document Series.

The band’s singer Rowan Sandle says: “Working with Saddle Creek feels like the tying together of some improbable tapestry” explains Rowan “one that started with me aged 16, wide eyed whilst scrolling through their artist webpages loading slow and stuttering onto an early 2000s desktop. The seven inch brings together all we could hold dear as a band – a family feel label that cares deeply for its artists, an excuse to explore new themes and storytelling, and a grateful opportunity to share our work with a wider audience.”

Not only are they working with the label, but releasing a damn fine song too. In only two minutes, “Enough Salt (For All Dogs)” shows off the band’s dynamics, poetic storytelling and ability to cultivate a dreamy mood that hits several feels while it sweeps you away. Sandle tells an allegorical and mysterious story that is sparse on detail but full of lovely imagery: “Know that I never faked the pleasure you gave / But I only came close and I only came broken.” The instrumentation is delicate but interweaves several melodic elements, which they’ve seasoned just right – with “Enough Salt (For All Dogs)”.

The song is availbale to stream on DSPs now and the physical edition with the zine will be released on September 18.

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