Courtney Farren shines on “I’m Not Alone (I’m Lonely)”

One of the hallmarks of a great artist is the eagerness to explore things that most people overlook. That’s the case with LA artist/producer Courtney Farren’s great new single “I’m Not Alone (I’m Lonely)”. It’s a hypnotic preview of what’s to come on her debut album slated for this spring.

The new single opens with Farren observing someone being curt with a clerk, which prompts her to reflect “I think it’s funny all the ways to complain / When it doesn’t mean anything.”

According to Farren, the song is about “dissecting the absurdity of complaining without purpose, navigating the complexities of solitude, and craving genuine human connection.” In the self-produced video for the song, Courtney takes a solitary ride on L.A.’s light-rail system.

Farren’s music has the production brilliance and lyrical depth of Ethel Cain and Wolf Alice’s Ellie Rowsell. Her superbly produced 2022 debut single “Care” is about how easy it is to unwittingly cross the threshold into callousness.

Courtney’s catchy collab with BØRNS (“Together Together”) has gotten half a million plays in just the last two months. I predict that she’ll make a very rapid ascent in the pop world when the new album arrives.

Watch the video for “I’m Not Alone (I’m Lonely)” below, or find it on the streaming services.

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