Photo: Garrett Borns

Courtney Farren soars on “Lifelines”, from her debut album

Even though it’s only midyear, I predict that LA artist Courtney Farren’s debut album Punchlines will be on numerous “Best of 2024” lists. Farren’s voice feels like sunlight emerging from the clouds – and her new song “Lifelines” sounds like a lost track from the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds.

Punchlines is intimate, insightful and full of gentle humor. Like the all-time melodic greats (Nilsson, McCartney, etc.), Farren’s music is instantly enchanting. And by the second or third listen, you’ll marvel at the subtle sophistication and master-craft in these songs.

“The title ‘Punchlines’ came from a friend of mine pointing out that I live for ‘punchlines and props’,” says Farren. “In other words, I love telling jokes and getting credit when they’re funny, which is true. I try my best to take everything with a grain of salt and humor is a great tool, even with difficult emotions and circumstances.”

Farren’s music has worldwide appeal because her family heritage is Irish and Filipino – and she’s lived all over the globe: Croatia, London, California. Whether you live in Dubrovnik, Dublin or downtown LA, this album packs a powerful punch.

Listen to “Lifelines” below, and find Courtney’s debut album Punchlines on your favorite streamer.

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