CLC’s Sorn embraces liberation on her uplifting “Run”

It was September when we heard from K-Pop group CLC with their badass track “Helicopter”, but March has now brought not only a new song “Another Level” (for the TV show Be My BoyFriend), but also something from main vocalist Sorn who has officially released her debut solo single titled “Run” via Cube Entertainment.

A contrast from the darker, electronic-influenced sound that CLC have adopted, “Run” is an unabashedly feel good pop song about finding one’s freedom. Over a joyous production of guitar, synths and finger snaps, Sorn’s sweet and strong vocals detail her exhaustion with being constantly judged: “Leave it up to me to find a way out of another party / Tired of all the hate / They hating on me ‘cause I got somebody.” Of course, this hate proves to be the catalyst for Sorn finding her way towards better things.

“Stuck here, waiting for what / What’s here but a whole lotta nothing? / So why don’t we, why don’t we run?” she sings victoriously over the chorus. It’s a straightforward proclamation refreshingly lacking any cynicism and allowing listeners a moment to daydream and be inspired by the thought of searching for happiness.

“Run” proves to be a much-needed injection of effervescence and sincerity that gives Sorn her much-deserved moment. We look forward to future projects she and her fellow members of CLC accomplish in the future.

You can watch the music video for “Run” below.

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