Photo: Kodai Ikemitsu

CHAI beam elemental joy on their new jam “WHOLE”

CHAI delivered some of the most immediately satisfying pop music imaginable on their 2021 album WINK. If their new song “WHOLE” is any indication, that train isn’t stopping anytime soon. This burst of bright woozy J-Pop was handpicked as the theme song for a drama series called Koisenu Futari, which is about an asexual/aromantic couple. Inspired by the show’s synopsis, CHAI wrote “WHOLE” as a celebration of unconditional love: a form of love that isn’t compartmentalized into particular types of relationships.

Band member Yuuki wrote the lyrics to “WHOLE”: “Sometimes, no one empathizes with you. But is that really a bad thing? I don’t want to make my thing, or someone else’s thing, something to be ashamed of. Because our ‘differences’ may not be our enemies. I wish we could love each other’s little differences and little similarities entirely – that’s the hope behind this song.”

The band also revealed that there will be a music video released rather soonish. You can listen to “WHOLE” below.

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