Photo: Nedda Asfari

Caroline Polachek embodies insouciance on “Bunny Is A Rider”

As has been teased for the last week, Caroline Polachek has dropped a new single called “Bunny Is A Rider”, her first original music since her debut solo album Pang. On the track, she says:

““Bunny Is A Rider” is a summer jam about being unavailable. Bunny is slippery, impossible to get ahold of. Maybe it’s a fantasy, maybe it’s a bad attitude. But anyone can be bunny, at least for three minutes and seventeen seconds. The song features a scorching bass performance from producer Danny L Harle, plus his baby daughter’s first vocal cameo.”

A minimal jam that has a humidity amidst its precision clicks and tones, “Bunny Is A Rider” finds Polachek admiring the titular Bunny because “satellite can’t find her”; she may be invested one moment, she’s gone the next. In the chorus, Polachek flips to the first person, seemingly in comparison with Bunny, admitting “i’m so nonphysical / i do i do feel like the lady.” It’s certainly one that will take a lot of listens to unlock – fortunately, it’s just as addictive as every other track she’s released.

Also, it’s still not clear if there is any relation between this song and Of Montreal’s classic “Bunny Ain’t No Kind of Rider” – we fully hope to find out one day soon.

Listen to “Bunny Is A Rider” below or on your preferred platform.

Hopefully there will be more to come from Caroline Polachek soon. For now, you can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.