Photo: Carlos Cruz

Car Seat Headrest reveal epic slow-burner “There Must Be More Than Blood”

Just last week Car Seat Headrest shared the bombastic “Hollywood”, but with little more than a week to go until the release of new album Making A Door Less Open they’ve shared another new track called “There Must Be More Than Blood”, as well as an acoustic version played by ‘Trait’.

The studio version of “There Must Be More Than Blood” is seven minutes of synth-backed and solemn contemplation from Toledo, a beautifully elegiac tread through uncertain mental terrains. Utilising electronic textures uncommon in Car Seat Headrest’s previous material, “There Must Be More Than Blood” takes us on a dreamy flutter through interpersonal moments of disconnection, before lifts into the stunning plateau of the song’s chorus: “There must be more than blood that holds us together / There must be more than wind that takes us away.” This is a song in search of unity and empathy, a reflection of the emotional desert we can all go through at times, and just hearing it expressed in such a stately way makes us feel enfolded into something greater than ourselves.

You can watch ‘Trait”s acoustic version of “There Must Be More Than Blood” below, while the studio version is on all the streaming platforms.

Car Seat Headrest’s new album Making A Door Less Open is out next Friday, May 1, via Matador.