Juan Ortiz-Arenas

Buscabulla expand Ela Minus’ “Close” into a densely psychedelic dreamscape via their new remix

Ela Minus and Buscabulla enjoy a fruitful relationship. First, Minus remixed Buscabulla’s track, “Vámono”. Now, they’re returning the favor with a delightful, dense remix of Minus’ own “Close”.

It flips the open-hearted, emotive nature of the album closer into a more furtive, mysteriously distant affair, blending Minus and guest Helado Negro’s own vocals with those of Buscabulla’s Raquel Berrios. The backdrop itself is delightfully morphed into a gently thumping, psychedelic slow-burn dance number, lending an entirely new nature to an already fantastic track.

Speaking on the twist to her song, Minus shares, “‘close’ is different from the rest of the songs on my album in many ways, including that it’s the only one with a collaboration, Helado Negro. My approach to sharing this song has been different; when I imagined how to approach new versions of it, I imagined them very distinctly. I came across the concept of liminal spaces, which inspired the improvisation of this version – in one take. I always imagined hearing Raquel’s vocals on this song, so I asked Buscabulla to rework it.

It’s certainly a good thing that she did, as this collaboration breathed new life into the song. Check it out, along with its trippy visualizer, below.

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