Photo: Shawn Brackbill

Bright Eyes examine destruction on “One and Done”

While we still don’t have solid news on when Bright Eyes will release their comeback album, we do now have a third song from it called “One and Done”. The rhythm section of Flea and Jon Theodore are once again installed to give them some verve – but not necessarily brightness.

The song’s opening reference to dreaming is a red herring, as “One and Done” is the darkest of the Bright Eyes songs released so far this year – a shade that has long suited Conor Oberst. Here he surveys a town that has been ransacked; overrun and looted for all its worth. The expert production of Mike Mogis casts the necessary theatrical pall over this spectacle with dramatic string arrangements, allowing Oberst’s voice and words to carry the heft he intends. Bright Eyes eventually come to a head in their resentment and despair, resulting in a cathartic finale to “One and Done”.

You can listen to “One and Done” below or on your preferred streaming service.

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