Bieke Depoorter

Bolis Pupul goes culinary with the wonky, whimsical “Spicy Crab”

The latest preview of Bolis Pupul‘s upcoming LP Letter To Yu is called “Spicy Crab”, the Belgian electro-pop maven’s personal ode to the spiciest crab dish he ever ate in Hong Kong, where his mother was from (his father is famous Belgian artist Kamagurka).

Though wonky and whimsical in pure Bolis Pupul-fashion, the music is imbued with some sorrow as well: his mom suddenly passed away in 2008 in a traffic accident. In the wake of her passing, Pupul began coming to terms with his Chinese heritage. “When I started to think about my roots, instead of being ashamed of them, I started to embrace them,” he recalls. “And so it became more and more important for me to get in touch with them.”

Letter To Yu – which comes out on March 8th via Soulwax imprint DEEWEE – is a musical exploration that expresses with feelings of grief and belonging in Pupul’s bright, big-hearted brand of dance music. “Even though this trip was very emotional and at times sad, I also had some great times that just made me really happy,” Pupul concludes. “This resulted in a very uplifting melody where I felt like I could handle my life.”

Check out the video for “Spicy Crab” below and listen to it on your streaming platform of choice.

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