Tom Callemin

Bolis Pupul calls on spirits in bubbly solo track “Neon Buddha”

Hot on the heels of releasing the exhilarating Topical Dancer with Charlotte Adigéry, Belgian-Chinese artist and producer Bolis Pupul isn’t done serving up immediately satisfying club music. Pupul’s fizzy solo single “Neon Buddha” reveals a gleeful passion for Andrew Weatherall and Yellow Magic Orchestra.

The video’s phantasmagorical imagery depicts the Ghent-based musician standing with gold-glittered face in a stunning night lit pagoda in Hong Kong surrounded by spectral apparitions. According to Pupul, it was inspired by and based on a dream he had. On his own material, he delves deeper into introspections of heritage and identity previously touched on with Adigéry.

“Neon Buddha” is the title track of the 12-inch with the same name, which is already out on May 6th via Soulwax label DEEWEE. You can preorder Neon Buddha here.

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