Photo: Isy Townsend

Bleach Lab reckon with harmful power imbalance in the brooding “Flood”

London quartet Bleach Lab are releasing their debut EP A Calm Sense Of Surrounding next Friday, March 19, and today they spoil us by sharing one final advance single to follow up the excellent “Never Be” and “Old Ways”. The new song is called “Flood” and singer Jenna Kyle says:

“Flood is one long metaphor for being completely overwhelmed and overcome by someone and losing all sense of control within them. I sing “Im in his words, I’m in his mouth, I’m in his mind” to get across how absorbed I was by them, much like how the sand soaks up a wave”

True to the aqueous metaphor extended on “Flood”, Bleach Lab have created a song that glistens and flows like water in a river – serene one moment, hitting tumultuous rapids the next. This backs up Jenna’s tale of extravagant dedication to this other person, which at first it could be chalked up to pure love, but as we dive deeper into her psyche it soon becomes clear this is an unhealthy power imbalance. Whether she feels trapped within his shadow, mouth, or words, each is an evocative metaphor for the impotence she was made to feel. This grows to even more malignant heights as Bleach Lab build to the excoriating chorus where she admits: “I’m drowning in my skin / you broke me from within / you never felt a thing.” A brave reckoning with a toxic emotional period, “Flood” once again shows Bleach Lab’s ability to confront their demons and transmute them into carefully considered and deeply engrossing music.

Listen to “Flood” below or on streaming platforms.

Bleach Lab’s debut EP, A Calm Sense Of Surrounding, comes out next week. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.