BLACKPINK release Selena Gomez collaboration “Ice Cream” along with its gleeful video

BLACKPINK are at it again. Continuing the ever-so finely tuned roll out for their ultra-popular girl group’s first proper studio album, YG Entertainment has released the project’s second single after weeks of teasing.

Upon its initial announcement, the track’s guest was kept a tantalizing mystery, ultimately revealed to be Selena Gomez. It’s hard not to be just a bit disappointed that Ariana Grande, an avowed fan of the K-pop group, wasn’t chosen instead, especially considering she co-wrote the track, but it’s clear that Gomez had a blast here, and that the artists benefit from a natural comradery.

Clearly selected as a single to show off the foursome’s versatility, “Ice Cream” is worlds away from lead single “How You Like That”, opting for sun-kissed bliss rather than the chest-thumping bravado of the earlier track. The single is sure to make waves in America: not only due to their foreign guest, but due to the song being sung in English (not long after BTS’ own English-language debut). K-pop is truly coming for that Billboard.

Check out “Ice Cream” and its incredibly colorful video out below, stay tuned for more from BLACKPINK very soon, and look out for their beyond anticipated debut LP come October 2nd. Fall can’t come soon enough.

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