Another Monday and another new Bill Callahan song to brighten it up. This week we have track three from the forthcoming Gold Record, a song called “35”.

Once again it’s a slow and ambling track, still gorgeously arranged and recorded, but leaving plenty of space for Bill’s storytelling. Here he starts “I can’t see myself in the books I read these days / Used to be I saw myself on every single page,” reflecting on how that youthful and adventurous phase has now passed him by. As “35” continues he continues to revel in his maturity, whether it means tiredness or freedom, he seems to go back and forth. In the end he finds solace in nature and love, the enduring elements represented by the moon, which will always guide him back home.

Bill Callahan will be releasing a new song from his upcoming album Gold Record every Monday until its release on September 4. You can follow him on Twitter and Bandcamp.