Photo: Hanly Banks Callahan

Bill Callahan fancies himself an outlaw on “Cowboy”

Bill Callahan has shared track eight from his upcoming album Gold Record, which is officially released on September 4.

Following the previous seven songs, we now find him on “Cowboy” seemingly winding down proceedings with a gentle trot through the wild West – at least in his mind. Backed by moseying winds and theatric horns, Callahan details the beautiful simplicity of life as a cowboy – all the peaks and troughs of daily life unfolding before him like a wide open plain in baking heat. A simply glorious little tune that, through its whistles, gait and pure rusticness of recording, puts you right in situ under that high desert sun.

Bill Callahan will be releasing a new song from his upcoming album Gold Record every Monday until its release on September 4. You can follow him on Twitter and Bandcamp.