Bicep return with new single “Atlas”

DJ duo Bicep have shared a song called “Atlas”, the first new material from them in a couple of years. It seems they had not prepared to release it until later in the year, but what with everything that’s going on, they thought they’d give their fans a treat.

Their full statement on “Atlas” reads:

“It would’ve been unthinkable to foresee the circumstances this track would be released in when we were making it. Our frame of mind was so positive then, fresh off the back of our live tour, full of excitement for the next phase. ‘Atlas’ was our attempt at summing up some of the euphoric moments we experienced on that tour across those two years. It feels like those moments are very far away for all of us right now, but we hope this serves as some form of distraction amidst all this chaos.” – Matt & Andy (Bicep)

In classic Bicep style, they are able to conjure weightless euphoria across the six minutes of “Atlas” – even when we’re all stuck indoors. This is one for your late night quarantine party. Listen below.