Belle & Sebastian collaborate with fans for isolation-inspired audio-visual piece “Protecting the Hive”

We’re all going through this together, that’s the message Glaswegian favourites Belle & Sebastian are sending out to the world as they continue to stay creative in quarantine. They recently sent out a request to their fans for snippets of thoughts and feelings about their moods in isolation, and have now turned it into a beautiful piece called “Protecting the Hive”.

Over lightly burbling, luminescent synths, Belle & Sebastian’s Stuart Murdoch and friend of the band Alessandra Lupo alternately deliver some of the varying lines they’ve been sent. This narrates clips of an empty but glowing Glasgow, shot by drone from above by Kenny MacLeod. It all comes together in a simply powerful way.

On Friday, Belle & Sebastian will be continuing the “Protecting the Hive” project with a work-in-progress demo recording based on the same written contributions, which the band will then share back to their fanbase, in the hopes that they themselves can create something new and unique from them.