Bandcamping #5: The Tuts, Soda Bomb

We’re all big fans of the more established acts out there, but some of the most exciting music being made today is produced by DIY artists and offered up for free listening on distant corners of the internet. In Bandcamping, we dig up a couple of gems, old or new, released and streaming for free on the online platform.

The Tuts – The Tuts EP

Artist: The Tuts
Album: The Tuts EP
Released: July 2012
Free To Download?: No
Style: Twee punk, garage rock revival revival
For Fans Of: The Libertines, The Long Blondes, Tiger Trap

The Tuts are a twee pop band who’ve got their reference points all wrong – beneath the cutesy veneer and fast-paced tempos, this is pop that’s less reminiscent of mid-90s Chickfactor compilation contributors than it is of mid-00s post-Libertines lad rock. Still, when it’s all said and done, the Tuts come out sounding closer to Talulah Gosh and Tiger Trap than bands that are trying to tend to, and the elements they pull from 00’s garage rock give their guitar pop just enough of a spin to keep things interesting. The crunchy, melodic guitars that open “All Too Late” are ripped straight from some long-lost Up The Bracket single, and the cries for young, feminine independence on “Beverley” – “she’s young, she’s free: she don’t want a man!” – nicely recall of one of the  last decade’s better indie rock moments. But, unsurprisingly, the success of the whole thing really hinges on one enormous pop choon: the undeniable “I Call You Up,” whose copious melodies worm into one’s brain with a frightening efficiency.

Choice Cuts: “I Call You Up”, “All Too Late”

–Ryan Stanley

Soda Bomb – Hooligan

Artist: Soda Bomb
Album: Hooligan
Released: May 2012
Free To Download?: Yes
Style: Noisy Pop-Punk
For Fans Of: Early Wavves, Japandroids

Y’know Soda Bomb gave up pretty early. I mean, the first song of (what appears to be) the Long Island duo’s debut release is called “Nobody Likes My Band.” Aside from the inherent defeatism, it’s an even more puzzling move given just how damn likable they’ve made their brand of scuzzy noise punk. Melding the off-the-rails enthusiasm of Japandroids to the bargain bin fuzz of early Wavves tunes, Hooligan’s hooky punch represents a oft-tread style done incredibly well. There’s Blink 182 indebted melodies to be had on “I Wanna Die” and a downcast lyrical focus throughout that’s similarly reminiscent of Nathan Williams’ earliest efforts. It’s short, it’s punchy, a bit lacking in its focus, but if the followup mini-EP, Booger is any indication, Soda Bomb’s just getting better. Give them time to marinate, and it seems reasonable enough that these dudes could one day be inspiring crowds to kick up dust at FYF fest.

Choice Cuts: “Nobody Likes My Band”, “I Wanna Die”

–Colin Joyce

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