Backxwash celebrates Halloween with surprise new album featuring Ghais Guevara, Pupil Splicer, Michael Go and more

To cap off the Halloween season, Backxwash, Canada’s finest, most terrifying emcee, dropped one more treat in the bag to satiate the appetites of her listeners, her newest album: HIS HAPPINESS SHALL COME FIRST EVEN THOUGH WE ARE SUFFERING.

The final installment of a self-reflective trilogy that has shed light through unearthed darkness, HIS HAPPINESS… sees the Polaris Prize winner speak her truth with even more honesty than before, to brutal extremes even. But alas, it is needed. Her music is needed.

Clocking in just over 38 minutes in length, HIS HAPPINESS is the proverbial bow to a concaving and ever-tightening universe in which many have found solace in. It’s explosive, therapeutic, and a true benchmark of a transcendent talent who is unflinchingly authentic and rooted in her story.

Reflecting on the release of her latest via Twitter, she says:“…I have grown a lot from a musical and just mental perspective over my time producing these albums. At this time, I would like to take a break and just soak everything that has happened in. I realized I have not gotten an opportunity to do that and If I keep going on at this pace it will be a detriment to my mental stability. These songs take me to a very dark place and writing about these topics at times is not an easy task. I thank everyone for having the patience of listening to these thoughts over the years. I would like to thank all of you for coming with me on this journey…”

Self-produced by Backwash, no surprise there, HIS HAPPINESS… also happens to throw in a few perks for the listener, featuring Pupil Slicer, Michael Go, and the unparalleled talent of Ghais Guevara. Needless to say, this is distinguishably Backwash’s masterwork alone, and that’s enough reason to go and support the record right now over on her Bandcamp.

You can find Backxwash on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.