Photo: Ebru Yildiz

Algiers line up alongside billy woods and Backxwash against police oppression on “Bite Back”

Shape-shifting Atlanta band Algiers return today with “Bite Back”, bringing with them essential Black voices in billy woods and Backxwash. Algiers singer Franklin James Fisher says:

“Ryan showed up one day with this beautifully epic instrumental and said, “I’ve got this song and I want to call it ‘Bite Back’. It immediately reminded me why I joined this band and the rest of the song seemed to write itself. It’s a classic example of our Lennon-McCartney dynamic.” 

Ryan adds: “Shit’s been so real the past few years, we really needed to grow our community of collaborators and make solid the bonds we’ve always felt, particularly with rap heads. And to have the two best rappers around, billy woods AND Backxwash, on the same Algiers-produced track? Pinch me, for real.” 

Backxwash said: “This feels like the soundtrack to revolutionary struggle. I am honored to participate side by side with an incredible array of artistry.” 

billy woods said: “Working with Algiers was a dope experience on many levels, and I was even more excited when they said they were shooting a video. Plus knowing Backxwash was involved, I had to do it.” 

“Bite Back” bears Algiers’ classic hallmarks of being intimidating and beautiful simultaneously, the militaristic beats and ethereal electronics painting an image of a warzone in the midst of a normal city street. Fisher shows the dynamism of his vocals through the song, starting with magnetic spoken word, moving into rap and, of course, his powerful singing voice that is ripe with soul and pain. billy woods drops into the song’s spooky early verse, narrating a horror-like scene of police intimidation. Backxwash brings up the rear of the song, injecting her usual urgency and adrenaline to push the song’s blade even deeper.

Watch the video for “Bite Back” below or find it on streaming platforms.

“Bite Back” is out on Matador. You can find Algiers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.