Photo: Lewis Vorn

Ashnikko teams up with Grimes for the grisly friend break-up bop “Cry”

Rising pop songwriter and producer Ashnikko returns with a new track called “Cry”, which focuses on the tough subject of breaking up with a best friend after they commit an unforgivable act. Fortunately she’s got the fearsome Grimes along to help out. Ashnikko explains:

“I have wanted to work with Grimes for 100 million years and now it’s
happening… a dream! She is singing with me on an angry ass song about my ex-best friend sleeping with my boyfriend…sublime!!!”

“Cry” starts with Ashnikko explaining “I’m a tough bitch but I’m sensitive” – and the song definitely shows off her tough side, which is only right and proper after the betrayal she experienced. Employing crunchy guitar samples and a powerful beat, “Cry” allows Ashnikko to use her sharpened claws to the fullest, leaving scars with her growl-singing. Grimes’ ethereal voice then flutters in as a calming presence, before Ashnikko leaves us with one final warning: “Careful with me – I’m volatile.”

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