KICK ii artwork by Frederik Heyman

Arca taps Sia for the warped power ballad “Born Yesterday”, announces new album

Arca has announced a new album called KICK ii, the follow-up to last year’s Kick i, which will come out on December 3 through XL. She has also shared a single called “Born Yesterday”, which features the vocals of Sia.

Sia’s voice is well known to be extremely powerful and emotive, and Arca allows that to shine in the ballad-esque “Born Yesterday”, as she sings about a disconnection between lovers – “something’s wrong, I feel it”. Of course, this is still an Arca track, so there’s a lot more going on in the detailed production, especially as “Born Yesterday” rises into its elegiac chorus, where she implements a chorus of whirring and chirping noise, like a group of nanobots working all around the singer. Even as Arca starts to introduce more pumping and tactile elements, Sia’s voice remains untouched and powerful at the centre of the sonic whirlwind, and the effect is undeniable.

Watch the video for “Born Yesterday” below or find it on streaming platforms.

Arca’s new album KICK ii arrives on December 3 through XL (pre-order). Follow her on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.