Omaha songwriter Anna McClellan is releasing her new album I saw first light next Friday, November 20, and today she has shared one final teaser in the form of “Feel You”. She says:

“‘Feel You’’s original working title was ‘The Opposite of Intellectualizing’. I’ve been working for the last years to exist less in my head and more in my body. This song is an ode to that work and all the results it manifests.”

McClellan’s homespun indie sound is always charming, but with her unvarnished and honest voice on top singing about something we could all be better at, “Feel You” is an instant favourite. A self-examination that also works as a list of hopes, “Feel You” is particularly prescient in a year when we’ve had to be more separate than ever. Even though McClellan sings of literal physical contact, it seems she is just as desperate for a deep and meaningful connection with someone – to ‘be there’ for someone at their time of need or triumph, and to feel that closeness reciprocated. It’s a simple desire, but perhaps puts her outside her comfort zone, as evidenced by the heartbreaking final line “I feel like I am a sparrow, just learning to fly.”

Anna McClellan’s new album I saw first light is out next Friday, November 20, via Father/Daughter. You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.